“​Vitskär Süden creeps up on you like those last red moments of sunset

before full darkness.”

— Laird Barron, author of ​The Imago Sequence and Other Stories

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The Faceless King has arrived!


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a limited edition, 24-page custom RPG module written by the band and illustrated by David Paul Seymour


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The 2020 self-titled debut album is available

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the band

It’s clear that Los Angeles-based quartet Vitskär Süden operates from a shared musical consciousness. Having played together over the course of two decades, bassist/vocalist Martin Garner and drummer Christopher Martin unite effortlessly for a locked-in, half-time-heavy rhythm section approach. Guitarists Julian Goldberger and TJ Webber bring their own distinctive influences, touching on both the ambient and melodic but unified in an appreciation of layered sonic texture.


Metal Hammer said of the band’s 2020 cosmic horror-inspired debut: “an undercurrent of foreboding power rumbles throughout.” Drawing on elements of heavy psych and prog, the album landed at #17 on Doom Charts’ best of the year list. The band’s latest, The Faceless King, is a dark fantasy concept album that expands the Vitskär Süden mythos, weaving the origin story of the record’s antihero namesake.


Acclaimed horror author Laird Barron describes it as “Gorgeous and sinister. Shoots images into my brain of blacklight posters of secret rites in lost, desecrated valleys performed while some bastard '70s metal band croons a sword & sorcery drug rock accompaniment naming, song-by-song, a terrible thing that should remain nameless.”


The Faceless King is out now and available on vinyl/CD/digital from Ripple Music.

Vitskar Suden band photo, Vitskär Süden

Vitskär Süden is:

TJ Webber - guitar • Martin Garner - bass/vocals • Christopher Martin - drums • Julian Goldberger - guitar/synths


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