Vitskär Süden band photo

"Vitskär Süden creeps up on you like those last red moments of sunset before full darkness."

- Laird Barron, author of Not a Speck of Light (stories)


Our new album VESSEL is out now from Ripple Music

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Stream the first single, “Vengeance Speaks”

Vitskär Süden (2020) – the self-titled debut

Vinyl pressing in 2024 to be announced soon.


Vitskär Süden is a cross-genre rock band that merges evocative storytelling with rich sonic texture, fusing elements of neo-psych, space, doom and progressive rock. The Los Angeles-based quartet’s material often features weird fiction sensibilities and feels cinematic in scope – understandable given the fact that most of the members met through filmmaking before bonding musically.

The band appeared on the radar in 2020 with a self-titled, cosmic horror-inspired debut Metal Hammer described as offering “epic soundscapes as soothing as a blood-red Californian sunset”. The album landed at #17 on Doom Charts’ best of the year list. 

In 2022 the band signed with Ripple Music and released The Faceless King, a dark fantasy concept album weaving the origin story of the record’s antihero namesake. Special editions of the vinyl release were accompanied by an RPG module written by band members and expanding on the album’s story. 

Their latest, Vessel, sees the band pushing genre boundaries yet again, experimenting with additional progressive elements while transporting listeners through seven distinctive soundscapes. Vitskär Süden continues their ascent as one of the most unique musical voices on the underground rock scene.

Vitskär Süden band photo